A botanical Ingredient – a wax derived from the tropical palm tree Copernicia Cerifera.Carnauba wax is composed of aliphatic esters (40 wt%), diesters of 4-hydroxycinnamic acid (21.0 wt%), ω-hydroxycarboxylic acids (13.0 wt%), and fatty alcohols (12 wt%)

These tropical palm trees are grown throughout South America and Equatorial Africa, yet it is only harvested from the trees grown in Brazil. During the hottest times of the year from September to March, the palm leaves excrete a wax to conserve moisture and protect the plant from dehydration. During harvest the leaves are removed individually and then sun dried and beaten to remove the wax. In order to preserve the health of the palm trees and ensure continued growth, only 20 leaves are removed from each tree.

Topical Uses: Protectant and moisturizer. Hypoallergenic and emollient properties, accelerates healing, good for sensitive skin.

Origin: Netherlands.

Food grade: Yes

Extraction Method: Refining.

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