• Leaf Pro starts up

    Leaf Pro has had the opportunity to participate and collaborate with different artists and different Tattoo events! That is why it makes us happy that professionals in the sector begin to value and recognize our work!
  • Hardcraft Company or die!

    If you are a professional tattooer or an amateur tattooer and you have decided to take a leap in quality. If you want exclusivity and total customization HCC are the solution to your problems. They manufacture pedals, power supplies, connectors, voltmeters, hand switches, clipcords... To the taste of the consumer or with own brand designs, but always the highest quality and again, all done by hand!
  • Japanese Tattoo: Tebori

    The Tebori is a traditional Japanese technique for tattooing. Tebori means "tattoo by hand". The traditional Japanese technique of tattooing has its peculiarities. The Tebori method is one of them and the way in which the artist performs it will depend to a great extent on the teacher under which he learned.
  • Dansin eurotrip 2018 with Leaf Pro

    Leaf Pro is very proud to participate in Dansin eurotrip 2018 sharing sponsorship with great brands of the world of tattoo. The tour will start in Luxembourg on the "Electric Avenue Tatto" Dansin's own studio. Our friend will visit different European cities, going through a total of 27 studies.