Dansin eurotrip 2018 with Leaf Pro

Dansin Eurotrip 2018 gets started in March. An exclusive event for tattoo lovers.

Don’t miss the opportunity of getting a tattoo made by this off road.

Dansin’s Eurotrip 2018 tour will start in Luxembourg in the “Electric Avenue Tattoo”, which is Dansin’s own studio. Our dear friend will travel around different european cities, visiting a total of 27 tattoo studios such as “The Sinner & The Saint” (Aachemm, Germany), the “Black Horse Tattoo” (Rome, Italy), “Barcelona Electric” (Barcelona, Spain) or “Seven Doors” (London, UK).

In LeafPro we are really proud to participate in Dansin Eurotrip 2018, sharing sponsorship with major brands of the tattoo world such as “The Solid Ink” , “Good Luck Iron” y “Blackclaw”

For every tattoo he makes, we offer a free sample of our LeafPro balm, so that you can check out on your own skin the benefits of our formula. It is a new way of healing tattoos, 100% vegan, made of exclusively natural ingredients which maximise the benefits that CBD (Cannabidiol) offers, accelerating the regenerative process of your skin.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and don’t have it very clear, this is a perfect opportunity to unleash Dan Sinnes’s creativity and acquire a unique piece. For the one’s who don’t know him, we leave you an interview of Dansin.

Besides recommendations, check out his Instagram and get delighted by his work, we guarantee you won’t regret. DAN SIN INSTAGRAM.

We leave you a list with the dates and studios. If you’re in any of the mentioned cities seeing this genius, don’t forget to ask for your free sample of LeafPro, send us a photo or mention our LEAF PRO  INSTAGRAM

Tour Dansin 2018




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