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If some years ago the tattoo was something much more exclusive and hard to understand, today It’s something totally normal and accepted.

In this post we will talk about the Tattoo in Barcelona, ​​sharing with you some of the tattoo and tattoo studios in Barcelona. But before that we want to comment on how the tattoo culture has evolved up to the present, where the city of Barcelona stands out in relation to tattooing among other places in Spain

Evolution of the culture of the Tattoo

With the growing trend of tattooing, it seems increasingly common, or to say it another way, it is less rare to see more and more tattooed people. Undoubtedly, this is the most critical moment in tattoo culture, from the origins of what we know as a modern tattoo in the late XIX and early XX centuries.

Although there are references to the introduction of the tattoo in the Western world almost a century before, when English expeditionaries learned certain tattoo techniques upon their return from Tahiti, it will not be until the American Civil War when the tattoo begins its true evolution and expansion to such and as we know it today. Besides that, and taking up again the current moment  the tattoo lives in our days, one could speak of an exponential growth in the last ten / fifteen years until now, where not only the number of artists (tattooists) has multiplied and so number of studios or tattoo shops where to get  them. Logically, the number of users, clients, or whatever they want to call them that they want to be marked with ink; It remains to be proven whether by fashion cause is trendy or truly by fascination and passion from our point of view, a way of understanding life, a philosophy that has become industry in a very short time. Undoubtedly the evolution of modern tattoo has to do with the evolution of an industry that in recent years has not stopped growing, being especially beneficial for some people.

It will be in the United States from where this evolution and expansion has become more evident, crossing borders and spreading globally. Even in Spain, the tattoo today has acquired a following and importance that a few years ago seemed impossible and much of that boom we owe it to cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​places where the tattoo came to never leave.

Tattoo studios and tattoo artists in Barcelona

But it is in the second one where, today more than ever, you live and breathe a real atmosphere of opening to the tattoo. The Catalan capital collects a large number of artists and studios where you can go depending on the tattoo style you are looking for, as well as interesting events such as the Barcelona Tattoo Expo, among others.

It is precisely for this reason that Leaf Pro has originated here in Barcelona and we are proud to be part of this incredible artistic movement that does not stop growing. Offering a real alternative to take care of your tattoos, to those who want to go a step further in the maintenance, sustainability and development of the tattoo industry, taking advantage of the benefits that nature provides, but without losing respect for the environment.

Barcelona Electric Tattoo

Thanks to artists likeJavier Castaño, owner of the emblematic studio located in Carrer del Portal Nou, 29, 08003 Barcelona , the tattoo movement in Barcelona is more alive than ever, and does not stop growing. The studio itself is a wonder to behold, an authentic art gallery and we recommend to anyone who has the possibility to visit it.

javi castaño

In the studio, apart from its owner, three other artists work. Carolina Angel with a style based on the traditional American tattoo.


Daniel Soriano, very complete artist that stands out in any style for its versatility.

Dani Soriano Tattoo

Last but not least, Barcelona Electric Tattoo has the artist Juan García who dominates perfectly in Traditional American Tattoo.

Juanunion Tattoo

A good example of how alive is the movement of the Tattoo in Barcelona is the number of collaborations or guests that the studio has been gathering in recent months:: Derrick Snodgrass, Will Dozer, Daniele Hoang, Dan Sin, Ichibay, Horimasa TosuiHenry Lewis o Matt Vancura among others, they show the importance and the influence, that this study in particular and the city of Barcelona in general, exert in the world of tattoo at an international level. nivel internacional.

From here we want to thank Barcelona Electric Tattoo for their support and involvement with us, Leaf Pro Tatto Balm, supporting us in our project and being our official point of sale.

Trishula Tattoo Barcelona

Tattoo studio specialized in Japanese and traditional American style that is located in the calle Padilla 212, Barcelona, 08013. The artists in this study are Agustin Cavalieri, Bonel, Leo Denegri and Tierno. Next and in the order that the names are presented, I leave some of your tattoos.

Tattoo trishula

Tattoo trishula 2

Siha Tattoo Barcelona

This tattoo studio opened in 2010 in the Raval area, specifically in C/Ferlandina, 32 Barcelona 08001. Currently has 5 tattoo artists and the styles they handle are diverse. From the traditional, going through black and white, photorealism, lettering, etc. The tattoo artists that work are Jota, Mocho, Hugo, Iñaki and Ana.

Siha Tattoo

Siha Tattoo 2

LTW Barcelona

This study stands out for the variety and quantity of artists and therefore for the styles in which they are specialized. A list of up to 15 tattoo artists appears on their website. Alexis, Andreu Matalla, Ariadna, Dani Cobra, Dennis, Enol, Ese Black, Javier Rodríguez, Jón Páll, Man, Manu, Norte, Numi, Nutz and Rafa Serrano.

The address is Carrer Tallers, 29, 08001 Barcelona.

Next I leave a capture with images of the instagram of the study to see different photos of the aforementioned tattoo artists.

LTW tattoo

Ondo Tatto Barcelona

The same as the previous one, this studio has several artists, offering versatility when it comes to finding a tattoo style. There are 13 artists who make up the team of this tattoo studio located in Carrer dels Morabos, 24 Local 2, 08004 Barcelona. The names of these artists are Ran, El Uf, Oscar Hove, Snot, Gabri, Uve, Luca, Braid, Jotak, Welok I Kafre, Albert Zafra and Rodrigo DC.

We also want to thank Gabri for her unconditional support and the recommendations she makes of our products, without a doubt she is one of the artists that from Leaf Pro we recommend for her impeccable mastery of her Black Lettering. Here you have a brutal example.

Gabri Tattoos

You can find his tattoos in the personal accounts of the Social Networks and in the Studio Instagram where I share a capture.

ondo tattoo

Eclipse Tattoo Barcelona

Recently created by three great artists with many years of experience as they are Rotor, David and CarloThese three tattoo artists came together to form an artistic collective known as the “Eclipse Project” from which this tattoo studio emerged over time. Apart from the three of them, the team consists of Anna and Nacho.

Eclipse Tattoo

Eclipse Tattoo 2

Black Ship Tattoo BCN

It is located in Carrer de Còrsega, 527, 08025 Barcelona and the team members are Rafa DecraneoRicardo Contreras, ThirtinkCristian Masok, Andres Inkman, Alejando Monea y Kike EsterasThis tattoo studio is also recent, but the artists have been working in other renowned studios for years, so we are sure that the project will be great.

Black Ship BCN

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    Y en que os basáis para este tipo de cosas? Por qué mi estudio tiene una calificación de 5 en google y más de 50 reseñas positivas en facebook y por ello no quiere decir que seamos menos que la gente a la que le publicais sus estudios… si es por tatuajes mi residente es muy bueno, no comprendo por qué se hace esa selección tan escueta, somos muchos los que tatuamos bien y los que nos curramos mucho los diseños y el trato al cliente…

    • Leaf Pro

      En respuesta a Yo.
      Hola, lo primero, agradecerte la lectura del post y tu opinión. Lo segundo, si has leído la entrada, hemos dicho que vamos a compartir alguno de los estudios de tatuaje. En ningún momento hemos desprestigiado a los demás. Por otro lado, es nuestro post y por lo tanto escribimos según nuestros gustos, conocimientos, opiniones y experiencias. La intención nunca fue crear un listado de todos los tatuadores y estudios de Barcelona, la lista es inmensa y se puede extender mucho más en el momento que se busquen tatuadores sin estudio, que por cierto también hay a patadas y muy buenos. Por lo que nos basamos en opiniones reales de personas y también en lo que nos gusta e interesa, no en las calificaciones o estrellas que Google puede o no poner. Es cierto que hay muchos más estudios en Barcelona, unos mejores otros peores, con buenos tatuadores, buenos diseños y buen trato. Pero…al fin y al cabo cada uno recomienda lo que le conoce, lo que le gusta y porque no decirlo, lo que le da la gana, no? O tú recomendarías, por ejemplo, unas tintas que no has probado o que no te gustan? Sin ningún tipo de acritud pero no se puede ser tan invasivo… sin conocimiento y sobre todo sin saber y sin preguntar! Como podrás ver no recomendamos a nadie malo como para decir que, ¿en qué nos basamos…? Y dentro de lo bueno, recomendamos, como te comentamos, por nuestro gusto y experiencia. No dudo de la profesionalidad y la calidad de los demás, ni del tuyo. Pero no te confundas ni intentes generar ahora un debate pudiendo confundir a más gente; en ningún momento hemos criticado, menospreciado o hecho de menos a nadie, y menos a vosotros que ni siquiera tenemos el placer de conocer. Te invitamos a que hagas una nueva lectura del post y lo compruebes tú mismo si no te ha quedado del todo claro, cosa que parece. Quizá lo mejor hubiera sido un mail preguntando, objetando o mostrando interés o lo que sea… Ya que la selección se basa en quién lo escribe, como las millones de selecciones y clasificaciones que hay en internet, y donde por cierto tampoco no en todas aparecen todos. Por otro lado, de nuevo te invitamos a que nos des tus datos (nombre, estudio, localización) de forma que podamos comprobar que efectivamente aportáis algo al tattoo en Barcelona, y así incluiros dentro de este o futuros post, cosa que parece os importa. O incluso si tuvieras interés en conocer lo que hacemos y nuestros productos, danos tu dirección y gustosamente te mandaremos unas muestras gratuitas para que comprobéis vosotros mismos lo buenos que son nuestros bálsamos. Graciaaass! ;-

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