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The idea arose spontaneously, when at the request of a “colleague” I manufactured the first power suply

In our previous post we talked about tattoo in Barcelona, so  ​​it makes sense now if we stop and dedicate a space to talk about Hardcraft Company. The high quality  craftsmanship work offering an alternative to the existing current market programmed obsolescence . If you are a tattoo lover, take a look at the “fine work”  our colleagues are doing,  It´s dope!

What is Hardcraft Company and how is it born?

Hardcraft Company is dedicated to the manufacture of unique equipment and tools for tattoo artists.

The idea came up about five years ago, when Eugeni Pulido (creator and founder of the brand), after the suggestion and proposal from a friend decided to manufacture the first power suply, the base  what it  is nowadays Hardcraft Company.

The deep love and respect for the art of tattooing and the premise of provide something different to the industry were the triggers to bring the project to life. Later it would be the endless hours of work and especially the feedback from all the people, which made HCC take a step forward and decided to formalize their situation by making  reality the project.

In short, unique, handmade and high quality products using the best materials. Exclusivity, good taste and above all a lot of love for tattoo professionals.

Where to find Hardcraft Company products?

Although they are established in the city of Barcelona, ​​unfortunately  they do not have a physical store yet. However  you can verify yourselves what we are talking about if you visit their instagram Hardcraft Company, where obviously you can also find their mail for the of orders or for those curious and may have any kind of doubt.

If you are a professional tattooer or an amateur tattooer and you have decided to take a leap in quality. If you want exclusivity and total customization HCC are the solution to your problems. They manufacture pedals, power supplies, connectors, voltmeters, hand switches, clipcords… To the taste of the consumer or with own brand designs, but always the highest quality and again, all done by hand!

Hardcraft Company tattoo

Projects in sight?

With only five years of existence HCC has managed to position itself in a good situation within the tattoo industry, undertaking very interesting projects which have helped to further expand the brand.

A couple of months ago, and remembering again, another of our post, we talked about Dansin Eurotrip 2018, where Leaf Pro have had the pleasure of participating and contributing a little bit. And where also the equipment developed by Hardcraft Company have played a fundamental and necessary role for Dan during the tour.

Next weekend it will be the 2018 San Diego Tattoo Invitational,  May 4th – 6th, an event for tattoo lovers where different international artists,  brands  and different related companies will meet. It will be there where you can find Hardcraft Company in its own stan. If you have the opportunity to go, do not miss the chance and pop by to check the awesome work.

We are also proud to announce,  soon Leaf Pro Tattoobalm and Hardcraft Company together with Kaput Handmade and Arte Porvo, we will participate in a really interesting event created and promoted by Tayri Rodriguez and Emilio Cerezo,  we leave it there …

We do not want to come forward anything else, sorry but you need to wait!

So if you want to know what is to come, keep informed on our website where you can find out everything in our blog. Post in brief, do not miss it!

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