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Leaf Pro Tattoobalm is the effective, real and definitive option to cure your tattoos

You have not tried Leaf Pro yet?

Well, as you all know and for those who do not, Leaf Pro Tattoobalm started in August 2017, just with the purpose of offering a different, real and effective option to, once and for all, cure your tattoos and remain perfect, without forgetting  using only  natural and organic ingredients of vegetable origin, of course. The market today, provides a wide range of possibilities, but are these the most appropriate way to cure your tattoos? Some for the abuse of non-organic chemicals and ingredients, business enterprises products for no other purpose than to provide a product that was not essentially created for the tattoo industry, but cause of the marketing, over the years and professionalization of the sector, without a doubt they found a gap that they knew how to cover with them. And in a second place, a series of products that emerged precisely fleeing from this lack of professionalization, and that tried to face the demands of a market that was evolving and asking for something more! Companies that we respect, said in advance, that as we say they knew how to adapt to what the market expected, but without getting to offer optimal and definitive results !?

For this reason and after several months of work, trying to expand the brand and spread Leaf Pro balm as much as possible, we began to receive the opinions of all those who have tried it, not only taking the good proposals and discarding the bad ones, but trying to make everything and add up so that ultimately Leaf Pro is everyday improving!

So after some changes and after a wide spread we are happy and proud to announce that we are part of the International Vegan Association, since our product meets the standards so that it is considered 100% vegan.


As we have also done, during this time Leaf Pro has had the opportunity to participate and collaborate with different artists and different events! That is why it makes us happy that professionals in the sector begin to value and recognize a job that we have just begun to do! And we are proud to say that the result of that confidence, are the collaborations that we have recently started more directly with an incredible group of artists, with very original and different styles. Who we personally not only appreciate as friends and admire as an artists and as people, we are passionate about their work!

Although all of them deserve an individual post where they can get to know their work in depth, which we will do soon, we believe it is  necessary  at least show you, although this time is brief, of which we are talking about and you can admire these “amazing pices”.

Gabriel  Tibaldi

@gabri_l_tattoo The Italian artist is specialist in lettering and  black and white work,  so “rough” style but very clean and solid. With 6 years of experience on his back, he is now a resident at Ondo Tattoo and Saudade Tattoo, as well as numerous collaborations in different studios around the world. Very serious and brutal job!

Lead Pro Tattoo Gabri Lead Pro Tattoo Gabri

Tayri Rodríguez

@tayrirodriguez The Canarian tattoo artist with more than 12 years of experience and 8 at Siha Tattoo. In black and white and color work, with few lines or many, has an incredibly original own style. Currently she works by private appointment in Spain and in different studios in Europe, making collaborations. We love her work!
Lead Pro Tattoo TayriLead Pro Tattoo Tayri

Emilio Cerezo

@emiliocerezo The artist from Murcia influenced in his tattoos by his passion for murals, grafiti, and painting. He has a very particular style,  black and white work, covering large surfaces of skin that form images. He was also a resident in Siha Tattoo for 3 years, currently working for private and in different artistic projects. Great subtlety and sensitivity in his work!
Lead Pro Tattoo Emilio Lead Pro Tattoo Emilio

Roger Ferrando

@roger_ferrando The Catalan after more than 17 years of experience as a tattoo artist, currently working at A1 Barcelona and collaborating in different studios in Spain, the United States and Europe, he controles several styles, realism, old school, black and white, color, Japanese… But all with a personal touch, exclusive and super high quality. Brilliant job!
Lead Pro Tattoo Roger Lead Pro Tattoo Roger

Tim Beijsens

@timbeijsens The tattoo artist has  Dutch origins, has 10 years of experience and great professional background, he currently resides and works in Madrid attending private clients, although it is not difficult to see him traveling through countless studios all over Europe. Aggressive style but with great technique, very solid work mainly in black and white by his own decision, although it also makes incredible use of color. Fucking cool job!

Lead Pro Tattoo Tim Lead Pro Tattoo Tim

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