Tayri Rodríguez & Emilio Cerezo Tattoo Eurotour 2018

We left Siha Tattoo, our second family, because we wanted to travel more

As we already have been warning  for a couple of weeks, and continuing with the existing “wave”  in Barcelona around the tattoo in general and around all our projects in a more particular way. A very cool event is approaching and Leaf Pro is proud to be part of it, and we must spread it out.

Our friends Tayri Rodriguez and Emilio Cerezo will make a tour of different European studios that will start on May 30th. Ahhh and by the way, they will carry a small amount of Leaf Pro products, which will be distributed at the different places they will visit, so if you have not yet tried and caught you nearby, you can not miss it.

Who are they and what is the Eurotour 2018?

For those of you who do not yet know what the roll is about and you do not know them, we will introduce you  to the protagonists.

Although both Emilio and Tayri did not start their artistic careers in the world of purely tattoo, come from environments and artistic contexts that undoubtedly have influenced in a decisive way, in what today reflects their styles of tattooing. Tayri started as a designer and illustrator and in the case of Emilio his background before the tattoo was as a painter and muralist, activities that still today combine with the tattoo. Both have been working as residents of Siha Tattoo, until relatively recently that they decided to leave the studio for personal reasons and with the aim of being able to move and travel more. Decision that was not easy to take, but it was precisely thanks to the support of what they consider their second family, the reason that definitely led them to take the step. Even so, they are still established in Barcelona and in fact continue to pick up some appointments on a monthly basis so that they can combine it with other projects and with their desire to travel.

And what better way to travel freely and do what you like best? Well …. tour coming soon!

We reiterate that for Leaf Pro Tattoobalm it is a real pleasure to be part of this event together with HardCraft Company, Arte Porvo and Kaput Handmade. All independent and self-managed projects, which try to escape from the standardization of the sector and offer a close, “moral” and quality alternative. And of course there are people like Tayri and Emilio, with a sensitivity and appreciation for our projects is to consider and to be grateful for!

Here we leave some of the tattoos of Tayri and Emilio respectively, so you can enjoy these two unique artists.

Tayri Tattoo EurotourTayri Eurotour TattooTattoo Tayri Eurotour

Emilio Tattoo EurotourTattoo Emilio EurotourEmilio Eurotour Tattoo

Calendar of the Eurotour 2018

Then we leave you a brief description  of the cities and studios they will visit in the tour.

The trip will depart from Barcelona, ​​and they will drive to France; first stop of the tour,  in Lyon where they will visit Biribi Tattoo from May 30 and will remain until June 2.

The next stop will be Switzerland where they will visit the Happy Pets in Lausanne from the 4th to the 8th of June. From there they will travel to Belgium visiting the Finest Beef Shop in Ghent between the 12th and the 15th of June.

As we say, the boys, who will be driving during the whole tour, have to take some relaxing days in between, otherwise there is no god to follow the frenetic pace of work plus the hours on the road.

That said, on June 19 the tour will resume in Hamburg, Germany in the Tigerstyle Tattooing until the 22nd. From there another four days until arriving in Malmö, Sweden and visiting the Malört Malmö from the 26th to the 30th of June. And from July 4 to 7, at the Deep Wood Tattoo in Stockholm.

And to finish, Germany again with two cities to put an end to this tour. On July 17 and until 19, they will make the penultimate stop in Berlin, which will take them to the Aka Berlin studio. And from July 21 to 26 at the Miezwars Studio in Leipzig to culminate.

Again it is a real pleasure, being part of something so special, we appreciate the confidence and opportunity!

May this only be the first of many projects in common!

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