Vegan cuisine with Jon Kaldero

In those days, saying that you prefeer a dish of artichokes than a piece of foie, it was difficult, but really fun to discuss

A few months ago, we already made an entry talking about veganism as a way of life. And to refresh the memory to those who read us  and to all those who did not do it, again, we explain very briefly what it is. Veganism is conceived as a way of understanding life that professes the utmost respect for the animal world, rejecting any type of exploitation. As you know from Leaf Pro we promote and support unconditionally this vegan movement, which in recent years has not stopped growing. And not by getting and joining in to this “new fashion”, but by the real conviction of not putting the  animal lifes   before human survival. For the simple reason that we are the only species able to choose, to take an alternative path, equally real and doable as the one that already exists, but without forgetting the animals. Veganism is not limited to a specific type of diet, multiple areas of human life, such as the cosmetic sector, to which we belong, in which animals are also used for their own interest, regardless of their suffering.

But, if at that time we did not focus on one aspect of concrete veganism, we focused on it from a more general level; Now, we want to make special emphasis on the issue of diet and nutrition following the guidelines set by this vegan philosophy.

For this we have a specialist, Juan Manuel Calero who, in addition to being a vegan chef, is a private consultant, cook in showcookings and teacher in workshops, courses and monographs of diverse content. Great person and great friend.

We spent a few hours with him talking about his professional career, and how and why he decided to take the path of vegetarian cuisine at its best and the radical change it brought to him,  in his way of thinking but in his way understand and live life too.

When did you decide that you were cooking?

“Well … my election  for the cuisine was vocational, like being a firefighter, hahaha. The truth is that I started on the rebounder, but not by chance, I was a sound technician at that time and I went on tour very often and between parties and other “desmadres”. In that time, I had a serious injury that separated me from the music. At that moment my mother reminded me of one of my crazy ideas  during my childhood, to be a cook. Idea when I was a child and it was she who encouraged me to take the step and the push. ”

Tell us a bit about yourself. How is Juan Manuel Calero?

“How could I define myself in a couple of sentences …. Altruist of stubbornness, because the world is as I say it is. Inveterate drug addict , because everything puts me in. The” Bukowski “of the stoves, go, a “dirty mind”. Cook by vocation and trade, I know all the afters from Madrid, I love metal music, my pile loves the spice.”

Let’s talk a little about your career Why vegan cuisine?

“My time in the kitchens was fast and fluid, I had the honor of working with several Michelin stars, playing different styles from traditional cooking, fusion around the world and vegetarian cuisine in all its variants. In one year, I was cooking among adults, but awakening in me a sensibility that I could not share with any of my colleagues, questions I could not silence or decisions I did not understand, in those days  said that you prefeer a dish of artichokes than a piece of foie, it was difficult, but very fun to discuss. ”

“Without realizing it, I had discovered my path and the end of myself in this world … that every human being is searching for all of life without success. I discovered that  help to convince the stomach and palate is my goal in this world, that there are many ways to eat, fruits, seaweed, legumes and cereals in a rogue, fun and tasty way. ”

So veganism as a philosophy of life, by pure conviction?

“I consider myself a simple  help and diffusion  instrument, not pro-fundamentalism and jihadism trends, although everyone is very free to eat as they wish. But in an ideal world, our subsistence should not depend on the sacrifice of living beings. We should be inundated with a feeling already forgotten, compassion, I refuse to let my life and subsistence depend on killing animals. ”

“First of all I am an Eko fighter and as a good help to the planet, I prefer to spread the consumption of vegetables over animals, and that is why I use products such as those offered by LEAF PRO, able of offering a tattoo balm without a  synthetic base and without being tested on animals, because you have to look at what we put in your mouth, you have to do it also on what you put on your skin, and in this case on a wound. ”

Where do you currently work?

“I am currently working in an important hotel company, a lover of constant learning and new gastronomic experiences, I am passionate about cooking, its history and its repercussion in the different cultures of the world, making me attractive any new instruction, even if it is self-taught. Currently my function at the company corresponds to the department of I + D and among other functions, I dedicate myself to the coordination between different heads of departure, letter development, production, training and inclusion of work processes

I have knowledge and practice in alkaline cooking, production of dairy and vegetable milk, varied fermentations from drinks, fruits and vegetables through bakery, gluten-free bakery, vegan and macrobiotic cuisine. ”

Is it possible follow a vegan diet without giving up nutritious and balanced meals but at the same time rich and tasty?

“Of course everybody can, in front of questions like: what to eat if I want to be vegan or vegetarian ?, or what would be the best dish to begin with? I usually respond with the same mantra. The important thing is to establish an adequate and balanced diet, consuming an important variety of fruits and vegetables, respecting the temporality and the proximity, since the source of fiber, minerals and vitamins is important for us. We must consume cereals and legumes and combine them, since between both we obtain a good source of proteins and without forgetting to consume unpasteurized fermented foods, since it is a natural way to have the intestine and our defenses strong. All the other tips are too much if you do not take them into account. Then once you get down to work, I suggest a fresh meal, short cooking if possible, consuming raw foods within our varied diet and then do not forget to play with the flavors. Mix sweet, acid, salty , spicy, bitter … to get to get unique, fun and delicious bites. ”

The truth is, that sounds incredible just like you say it!

Finally, could you recommend some kind of way, medium or source of information about it?

There are many authors, channels of difussion and great information in networks to awaken the curiosity and talent that we all carry within. For example Prabhu Sukh and his book “Vegan Gourmet”. Two brothers that I really admire are for example, Chad Sarno and Derek Sarno and his book “Wicked Healthy”. And a website that I recommend is

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