Veganism a way of life

Veganism taken to the highest expression: Tattoos

In theory, veganism is understood as a rejection the use and consumption of all products and services of animal origin, including tattoos.

Veganism is a way of  life rejects any type of animal exploitation. Contrary to  many people thoughts, veganism does not exclusively imply a specific type of diet. There are other scopes of human life, such as in the textile or cosmetic sector, for example,  which animals are also used for their own interest, regardless of their suffering. Many of the aesthetic products of large brands are previously tested on animals, as well as garments made from different species skin.

What does real veganism suppose?

To understand the whole vegan philosophy, you have to think about a way of life with the utmost respect for the animal world. It is also a current that opposes, discrimination according to the species, or speciesism. In fact, this is considered the main cause of animal exploitation.

With all this, and again remarking that veganism is not only reduced to the type of diet, we conclude that veganism involves several issues.


The vegan diet does not include any animal product or produced by animals. Not only meat and fish are avoided, products like  eggs, milk or honey, or derivatives or products that contain them are not consumed neither. The vegans act like this because they maintain that the animals are sacrificed prematurely and mistreated, being used as food or taking advantage of their resources.

Veganism puts plant products in its place as the main source of food.

There is some controversy by some groups about the risk of not consuming products of animal origin due to the deficiencies they present in substances such as: fats, calcium, iodine, iron, proteins or vitamins D and B12. Although you can always supplement or fortify food to supply these deficiencies. The root of the choice of the vegan diet, is no other than the deep respect that is professed to the animal world.


There are fabrics such as wool, leather or silk that come directly from animals. In the same line of opposition to animal exploitation, vegans tend not to use garments of these tissues.

When we talk about veganism, we refer to a practice where we must abstain not only from eating but also from not consuming animal origin products. This practice is based on an attitude of rejection of animal exploitation as a consumer product, so it will be difficult to see a vegan witnessing a circus performance or entering a zoo, places where animal exploitation also exists.

Cosmetics and Tattoos

Veganism also refuse the use of products tested on animals. Many creams, facials and cosmetics use this method before being commercialized, reason why veganism avoids its use. In these cases, with a review of the list of components of this type of product and information about others of a natural nature that fulfill the same functions, it is sufficient.

In today’s society, it is sometimes difficult to maintain these values, as is the case of tattoos since, for example, some black inks used for tattooing are mainly made with animal bones or glycerin and with some fat animal.

Vegan tattoos basically consist of making a tattoo using clearly elements that do not come from animals or in which animals have been used to get them. For that, inks that are made with synthetic or vegetable glycerin must be used and that other types of ashes have been used for their composition. In fact there are many inks on the market, like Solid Ink that meet the vegan values ​​and that, besides, are considered less “toxic” than the traditional ones. Also, in the final result of the tattoo you do not really see any difference, they are very similar to traditional inks, and if nobody tells you they are vegan, you would not notice either. Another of the most used elements apart from inks, are the petrolatums and lubricants used to favor the sliding of the needle on the skin, and also these nowadays can be found naturally and / or vegetable.

Once the tattoo is done it is also important to keep in mind the healing process, since the creams or balms that we use often also contain animal components. This is where Leaf Pro plays an important and definitive role within the vegan movement. There is a lot of care, many ointments and lotions existing in the market that include ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax, lanolin, as well as cod liver, etc; Not to mention the immense list of chemical components of non-natural origin. Leaf Pro rejects these ingredients and offers an alternative to cure tattoos with a balm for vegans and for all those who want to be encouraged to discover the benefits of our product, produced with natural ingredients, which respects and protects the animal kingdom.

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